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Carbon Footprint Optimization

Performance Plus Consultants are the industry leaders in total supply chain optimization. We define total supply chain optimization as .....

Supply Chain Optimization model

A supply chain is optimized when it is meeting or exceeding its customer service objectives and it is operating at minimal carbon footprint and minimal total supply chain costs.

Minimal Total Supply Chain Cost:

Supply Chain Concept from the field to the consumerOur view of a supply chain starts with raw materials, usually extracted from the earth, and ends with the ultimate consumption of a finished product by the end consumer (people like you and I). Utilizing this view of a supply chain, costs can be divided into the following major components:

  • Manufacturing (to build the product)
  • Packaging (to hold the product)
  • Transportation (to move the product)
  • Inventory Carrying Costs (to store the product)

Minimal Carbon Footprint:

Organization's can no longer ignore their impact on the environment. Fortunately, it is possible to simultaneously reduce carbon emissions and total supply chain costs!


Optimization Approach:

If you share our vision of supply chain optimization, Performance Plus Consultants offers an vast array of services designed to assist you. The type of service you select depends upon your position in the supply chain.

Retailers & Distributors:

One of the largest components of greenhouse gas emissions is your transportation network. Our services include network design and route optimization.

Retailer Optimization


In addition to the tactics utilized for distributors manufacturers can also pursue packaging optimization, supplier delivery optimization, and manufacturing lot size optimization. We can also assist your S&OP team in the development of appropriate carbon footprint measures .

Manufacturing Optimization 


Conventions, sales meetings and shareholders meetings can generate a significant carbon footprint. Your organization can demonstrate its environmental leadership by measuring the carbon footprint of the event and coordinating the steps required to make it carbon neutral.

Carbon Neutral Events 

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Carbon Friendly Events

Anytime people come together for a conference, expo, or business meeting, they generate a carbon footprint. Most travellers are well aware of the footprint generated by air travel. However, rail, and car travel can also generate significant CO2 emissions. Added to this is the environmental impact of lodging and the meeting facility.

Would you like to make your next event a carbon friendly event?

We offer services to quantify your event footprint, and more importantly to offset the environmental impact of the event on the environment.


To find out more about these services click on the following link.

Carbon Friendly Events Services

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